What You Didn’t Know About Colombia

Have you ever felt your heart racing when you are on a plane arriving to your home country? … Have you ever felt your body moving involuntary when you hear a song, known and loved the same way by your friends, parents and grandparents?… Have you ever felt proud of your country, because regardless of so much suffering, it is still considered one of the happiest countries on this planet?… Have you ever felt tears in your eyes when you remember the 4th of February of 2008 when millions of Colombians all over the planet went out the streets dress in white to say ¨no more FARC¨… or when the 5th of September of 1993 all the Colombians went out the streets dressed in yellow with happy tears after winning a football game 5-0 to Argentina… or do you get a smile every time you remember the 7th of September of 1995 when Higuita, the famous Colombian goalkeeper, stopped a sure English goal with his famous scorpion kick?… Well my friends… this is how a Colombian feels!

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