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Shared rooms (2pp) in 3/4 stars hotels with swimming pools in Cartagena and Santa Marta
Chinchorros at Cabo de la Vela
Hammock or bed (if available) in Jungle
All Breakfast
Breakfast, lunch and dinner during lost city trek
Transfers Airport > Hotel & Hotel > Airport
Private transportation during all of the trip
Catamaran / Sail boat trip in the Caribbean
City Tour in Cartagena
Safe boat in Cabo de La Vela
Trip to Punta Gallinas
Lost City Trek
Entrance to Totumo Volcano
Awesome guide!


International flights
Insurance (Mandatory to join this trip)
Lunches, dinners and drinks that aren’t specified
Kitesurf equipment (Let us know if you want to rent the equipment)

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Day 1. Cartagena: This awesome kitesurf trip in Colombia starts in Cartagena. A transfer will pick you at the airport and take you to the hotel where you will be able to refresh at the swimming pool until the rest of the group arrives! At night we have a welcome meeting and go for dinner and drinks!

Day 2. Cartagena: This day you will learn the amazing history of this city full of pirates, wars and treasure stories. At sunset we go to Cafe Del Mar for a Mojito while watching the sunset.

Day 3. Boat through the Caribbean: A transfer takes us to the port where we start our adventure on the Caribbean sea. If good conditions, we can kitesurf, otherwise we can snorkel, swim and relax while getting a tan. At night we go on a kayak trip to see plankton. This night we sleep in boat!

Day 4. Cartagena: Swim, snorkel and kitesurf if good conditions. In the afternoon we go back to Cartagena and have a delicious local dinner.

Day 5. Cabo de la Vela: In the morning a private transfer pick us up and take us to Riohacha where after lunch we change transportation to Toyota Land Cruiser cars, perfect for the desert ride that await us. We arrive in Cabo in the late afternoon, just in time for dinner. (Here we sleep in Chinchorros, which are a type of hammocks, but much more comfortable, big and soft)

Day 6. Cabo de la Vela: Wohooo the adrenaline day has come on this kitesurf trip in Colombia. This day you will be able to spend the whole day in the water doing what you like most… Or second most! :p

Day 7. Cabo/Punta Gallinas: This day you can choose between staying in Cabo kitesurfing or go on a trip to the northernmost point of Colombia, perfect for swimming on deserted beaches, walk through sand dunes and see the flamingos.

Day 8. Cabo de la Vela: If you choose to go to Punta Gallinas you have the option to go back to Cabo de La Vela kitesurfing in open sea!! (Approx. 4 hours) (Only for advanced surfers)

Day 9. Cabo de la Vela: Another day of the kitesurf trip in Colombia in the water flying and being disconnected from the rest of the world as in Cabo there is no internet wohooo!

Day 10: Santa Marta: This day we leave Cabo in the early morning to Santa Marta. On arrival we go for dinner and prepare for the Lost city trek. (The next two days we sleep in hammocks or beds if they are available)

Day 11. Lost City Trek: After spending some awesome days at the ocean, we head into the jungle full of diversity, pure air, waterfalls and sacred spots. (Walking distance: 20.7 km Mainly up hill!)

Day 12. Lost City Trek: And because we like sports, adventure and challenges, today we climb more than 1.200 steps to see the Tayrona’s Lost City. You will learn about this indigenous community that still exist and take photos to remember this super cool experience! Then we walk for an other 6km to the camp where we sleep.

Day 13. Santa Marta: After a 16.5km hike we get back to Santa Marta! Very tired! But if you still have a bit of energy we can go out to dance salsa!!

Day 14. Cartagena: After a nice sleep in a proper bed, we take our private transfer back to Cartagena. On the way we stop at the Totumo Volcano, where we get covered in mud! So much fun!! Then we head to Cartagena to spend the last night of this unforgettable kitesurf trip in Colombia with Boogaloo Travel! ;p

Day 15. Departure day. :(

Kitesurf trip in Colombia Highlights

  • Boat trip in the Caribbean
  • Kitesruf in Cabo de la Vela while an awesome sunset!
  • Sand dunes and flamingos in Punta Gallinas
  • Hike through the jungle!
  • Salsa dancing in Cartagena!

Fitness level: Intensive


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